When children experience leg pain, many times it is due to a foot related deformity. Early intervention by a foot and ankle specialist is key to proper treatment.

The term flatfeet is used for feet that have a poorly developed arch. This is a common condition seen in children and adults. Many times the children will have no symptoms; however, many will exhibit
symptoms. One common complaint is that the feet and legs “get tired”. Many of these children will have an aversion to athletic activities and walking and will gravitate towards more sedentary type activity.

Many times children experience leg pain and parents think it may be temporary “growing pains” without
realizing it could be due to a foot related problem. For example, flat feet may cause an over pull of the ligaments and tendons in the leg and foot which causes cramping, pain and tenderness in the foot, lower leg, and knee. A podiatrist will do a lower extremity examination to assess the structure and function of the feet and often use weightbearing digital x-rays for a more comprehensive understanding. This will help determine if the condition is due to flatfeet.